Monday, February 20, 2012

Royal Camel Safari to Explore Rajasthan

Camel safari in some remote corner of Rajasthan will make you explore local culture and experience serenity, adventure and warm nights of infinite Thar desert that is spread throughout the horizon. Camel safari is the great way to travel and enjoy camping in night at local villages, and also to enjoy adventure sports in Thar desert as well.

Rajasthan local villages are full of vibrancy, colors and high spirits, where simple needs and living of these people will amuse you. Moreover, hospitality of these people is also impeccable and lively traditional dance and tasty food will spice up everything. Above all, camel safaris in Thar desert where you travel on camel through royal historical cities such as Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Osian and Khimsar will be exciting and amusing.

Indian tour operators are offering luxurious camel safari that will have all comfort, luxury and adventure that you need. You could also customize your package according to your wishes. You could even decide your departure date, time and place and select your desired destination. Your camel safari tour could be around 2 to 3 days, this can be prolonged upto a week or 10 days. Your camel safari trip will have tents catering to your comfort needs and will also include basic and luxurious amenities as per decided and discussed by you with your tour operator. During your tour you will be offered an opportunity to mingle with localite, enjoy their hospitality, food, dance and music.

As oscillation of camel ride continues, you will find sunsets in Thar desert totally blissful and while camel safari expedition progresses further you will only discover colors, vibrancy, picturesque palaces and charming aroma of Rajasthan. Romantic air that will sway your heart away and melt you into the warmness and love of Rajasthan.

Plan now, plan today camel safari to take you to totally new world of simplicity and tranquility. 

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Explore Birds Paradise Khichen

Are you a bird lover? Do you want to enjoy this holiday season at picturesque village watching rare birds? Then Khichen is the best place on shell that has beautiful natural heritage and special bonding with migratory birds such as Demoiselle Cranes. At Khichen you will be offered host of luxury with best facilities that are equivalent to world standards of best hotels. 

Each year, Khichen attracts huge traffic of Demoiselle Cranes and other rare migratory cranes coming from Mongolia and Eurasia. Beside migratory cranes Khichen have beautiful native birds such as Parrots, Peacocks, Sparrows etc. Khichen is artist’s muse where you could explore a photographer in you by taking beautiful pictures of various colorful birds in breathtaking background. Unusual thing about Khichen is that you could feed not so shy Demoiselle Cranes around the village.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Catch The Glimpse Of Tiger At Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska is most popular for Sariska National Park that inhabits world’s most fearless predator, Tiger. Wildlife of Sariska National Park has great variety, and geography have rocky surface and Aravalli hill ranges surrounding the park. Topography of Sariska is extreme that usually have temperature up to 45 degree centigrade in summers and 4 degree centigrade in winters.

Sariska used to be hunting ground for Alwar royal family, but soon after independence, Indian government converted it into Sariska Tiger reserve. Sariska National Park has many more carnivore animals around such as Hyena, Wild Dog, Cat, Panther etc. Sariska also have great population of Monkeys, Nilgai, Langur etc. Sariska Birds population attributed to have variety as Eagle, Indian Owl, Woodpecker, Qual, Peacock etc. are commonly available.

Tourists can visit Sariska anytime around the year as Sariska is kept open throughout the year because of Hindus temples inside the park. Sariska is easily accessible as it is well connected to Jaipur and Delhi by roads, and frequency of Bus services is also good. Nearest airports to Sariska are Jaipur and Delhi.

You can stay at Sariska heritage palace which was built by Maharaja of Alwar. Sariska royal palace is premium heritage palace that offers great picturesque view and luxury of stay. Sariska palace interiors have French connection, and inspired by Rajputana culture and architecture. This heritage hotel is spread across 120 acres of Sariska land. Hotel special features are swimming pool, beautiful gardens, restaurant and special wildlife safari to Sariska Tiger reserve. 

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bharatpur: Watch Birds Against Picturesque Background

India’s most popular Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary is situated in Bharatpur of Rajasthan. Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary is the important place where variety of migratory birds from central Asia and Siberia visit and enjoy their brief stay. Bharatpur is a city which is well connected by Airport, Roadways and Trains to major Indian urban cities.

In 1733, Bharatpur was founded by Maharaja Suraj Mal. Bharatpur is also know for its town planning, and fortification by Maharaja Suraj Mal, which made it insurmountable for enemies. At Bharatpur, tourists have treat of sightseeing of Lohagarh Fort, Museums, Golbagh palace, Kishori Mahal, Laxmi Vilas palace, Moti palace and many other places where you could pick endless pictures of Bharatpur’s rich history of luxury and royalty. But above all, Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary is the main attraction which inhabits rarely found birds and also receives huge migratory birds each year.
If you’re at Bharatpur, you could also enjoy Bharatpur fairs and festivals. During the month of Feb-March, Bharatpur celebrates Brij Mahotsav dedicated to Lord Krishna. Brij Mahotsav is such a colorful festival where you could buy many exciting souvenirs and participate in local celebration. Gangaur festival in the period of Mar-April and Teej in July-Aug take place, that have fairs where you could watch puppet shows, shop for souvenirs and enjoy traditional dance and games.

Any special package to Bharatpur will be fun filled and thrilling experience, that will include stay at five-star hotels, recreational activities and stay at pastoral villages. 

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The impact of India Tour on the world’s tourism industry

About Tourism Industry

There is no doubt in the fact that the tourism industry is at the peak nowadays. The people visit the other countries not just to spend the vacations, but also to set up their business and keep in contact with the foreign clients. The same equation holds good when we talk about the India Tours. The demand for the India Tours is also on the rise, because there are many cities which have been developed and some are on the verge of development. So, people from the neighboring as well as the remote countries keep on visiting the country to witness the fast paced development.

Role of India Tours in World's Tourism Industry

It has been revealed by the survey that the India Tours play a lead role in generating the large revenues for the number of tourist industry all across the globe. The fiscal policies which were adopted by the Government in the earlier days is no more relevant for this era. Today, there is nothing wrong if someone says that the tourist agencies of India are enjoying the benefits for the efforts which were made by the architectures of the ancient era. Taj Mahal is the living example to support this statement. The role of Taj Mahal in the context of India Tour is not hidden from anyone.

Statics of World Tourism Organization

According to the WTO, acronym for the World Tourism Organization, that approximately 698 million tourists have gone for India Tour since the last decade or so, which is the greatest achievement in itself. This is enough to show the impact of India Tours on the world’s tourism industries. No one can deny the fact, that the development of several MNCs in India has also played an integral in order to support the tourism in the country. All these factors have some role to increase the economic growth of the country.

Well, if the tourism industry keep on progressing in such a way by making proper strategies and execute them to the fullest, then the day will not be far when tourism industry of India will be the world’s richest tourism industry. Due to the improved tourism support, it was imperative that the efforts would be made to improve the conditions of transportation and the accommodation facilities in it. I visited India last month after around 5 years and I was so pleased to see the progress that has made in the sector transportation and resorts and hotels.

Not only these, I also experienced the drastic change in the night life of people there. Now there are many people who like to visit the night clubs and pubs in order to make them free from the day’s tension. The only disadvantage of the increase in the number of India Tour which I can see is the dependency on this industry. I am afraid that the other sectors responsible for the economic growth may not led down because of the success made in this sector.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Exploring Your Kufri Itinerary to the Maximum - Shimla Tours

 Kufri is the perfect destination while Trip to India for adventure lover tourist. It is the location that attracts maximum number of eager tourists during winter season. You would be more than happy to explore your journey plan every single day. The day keeps you occupied and the night hugs you into cold waves. This place serves the right feel to major sports enthusiasts. Kufri is a hill slope with options wide enough to fill your active platter.

This small hilly region is a part of Himalayas and belongs to Shimla. It is 9000 feet deep. This place is mostly cool and windy except during summer season. This place also receives its share of rains during July to September. It receives ample snowfall during the end of the year.

Ideal moment
The best time to drop at this beautiful location is during summers and winters. Tourists who are accustomed to living in colder belts should enjoy the summer zones. The winter season welcomes skiers from around the world and the country. It totally depends on an individual as to when he or she needs to drop in. You can even choose to go alone as this hill station is safe and comfortable.

Turn the Pages
This place first belonged to Nepal and was discovered only in 1819 when handed over to the British Raj. This region was given to them as a token by the kings of Nepal. The popularity of this place increased as soon as the British considered Shimla as the perfect tourist destination. It was due to the British rulers that Kufri got recognized and earned its due as the winter destination.

Major eve dropping
The most important places that would set your heart pumping would be the steep peaks, national parks, horse-riding, ski zones etc.  This place is well known for sports like hiking, skiing, trekking, forest venturing etc. A visit to the Mahasu Peak, Indira Tourist Park as well as Himalayan National Park is a must. Kufri is an integral part of Shimla and should not be missed at any cost. A visit to this hill station is apt and fun. There are adjoining areas around Kufri which are also must visited. The national Park officials would also charge you an entrance fee.

Wonderful Occasions
This place is known to celebrate sports festival during the month of February. This can be considered as a festival due to the amount of tourists venturing during this season. Most of these tourists are skiing fans who wish to participate in the festival. The ski slopes are so famous that most tourists intentionally never miss this festival. The slopes welcome large crowds who enthusiastically move their ski sticks.

Route discovery
You can reach Kufri by bus or cab. You will need to reach Shimla before moving towards Kufri. You can also travel on a horseback and enjoy the scenic beauty. Most horse-riding journey can cost you anywhere between Rs 50 to Rs 160. The main reason for many tourists to halt down at Kufri is due to its close proximity to Shimla. Most often people residing in Shimla plan their short weekend trips to this hill station. The best place to refresh their weekends.

Kufri like any other hill station offers excellent accommodation facilities in the form of resorts and cottages. You must be ready to try out the food which again is a discovery. Most of the times you would notice the food served at higher altitudes are often hot in nature. The reason is that hot and heavy food gives you the warmer feel within.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Prized Tour Options of India for 2011

With half the year gone India Tours have already let go of several chances of catching delightful sights and occurrences in India. Including the vibrant kite festival, boat races in Kerala and also the truly special mango mania, you have let several opportunities go by. However, there is little reason for despair, since India is an ongoing fair, a celebration that lasts all year round. There are several more opportunities and many other interesting dimensions that you can explore in the months to come.

This is the time of the rains in several parts of the country. While some may consider this time limiting, there is a new India that you can experience at this time. Goa and Kerala blossom in the monsoon, bringing out the brightest greens and the freshest aromas, not to forget the best sea food delicacies. While some of the beaches may be out of bounds at this time, there are several other aspects of both states that you can focus better on now. 

The festivals start to ring in with renewed enthusiasm in the second half of the year. Beginning with Janmashtami where pots are strung high above the ground and children make human pyramids to get to the succulent butter, the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi which reaches a feverish pitch in Mumbai with revelry, song and dance, and Diwali, a colourful burst of happiness, fireworks and assortments of sweets and gifts, visit India and partake the merriment with every enthused member. 

As the heat starts to mellow down and the chill sets in, you are privy to some of the most memorable moments on Tours to India. The desert of Rajasthan beckons, giving you the opportunity to wade through its sands and take in its royalty. The hills come alive with nectarine fruit, a crisp chill in the air and a fine freshness which help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, and the plains turn a golden yellow with fresh harvest, colourful garb and heavy foods. 

As the gentle chill turns to the bitter cold, the North becomes daunting and fierce. Lakes start to freeze, the days and nights are bitter and the prospect of visiting is virtually dreadful. However, there is a charm of being in the north in the winters. Being able to brave nature, wade through ankle length snow in sub zero temperatures and try a climb through the smaller peaks is enough to give every adventure lover a high. Further south, the Taj Mahal attains a unique glow in the winter, with the mist giving it a surreal softness and the mild winter sun adding a layer of milkiness to its already magnificent splendour.
India lines up one magic show after another – with surprises bursting out of its hat in every feat. There are aces up the sleeve in every location, a new trump card that will be played every time you visit India. India longs for a chance to indulge visitors, and you are in for a special treat no matter where your Tours of India take you. Grab this chance and enjoy the biggest, the best of India.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Announcing Unique Wildlife Safaris and Tours in India

Travellers come to India looking for various elements to inspire them. While some are clearly here to be indulged and pampered and want nothing to come in their way and spoil the quiet mood, there are others looking for action and ways to charge and energies them. Although there are various means of accomplishing this, among the most popularly chosen are wildlife Tours India.

The option of taking up India Tours extends to you several benefits. The first among them is the ability to be able to travel extensively and go through many Indian states, giving you a chance to take in the variety in its topography and form. This is also a chance for you to study the changes that climate and landforms bring in to the inhabitants of the reserves and parks. While the sunny, dusty sands of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are home to tigers, bucks and langurs, you will notice this change as move down south, where the famous wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala bring you many more pachyderms, an assortment of deer, Nilgiri Tahrs, and a host of deadly reptiles.

Being amid the wildlife in India is magical – for the whole experience that it crafts out for you. To be able to take in the scenic beauty with its native charm, to befriend locals who can take you through the parks and up close to the beasts of the wild, and also for the experience of living and loving nature in its full force is something only India offers.

Wildlife Safari India is not just a chance to be in the thicks of the jungle, but also a chance to be able to live a wild life. This is a great opportunity to spend time out in the wild and live in the wilderness for as long as you are there. Forest lodges are only a modest way to begin. There are grand jungle resorts which strike a delicate balance between the rustic outdoors and weave in magical elements of comfort, luxury and style in to the experience. These are grand places to stay which make their existence within sight of a watering hole, or in the perfect place to enable you comfortable sights of animals even while you are relishing your morning cup of tea.

The charm of wildlife Tours India is that they enable you to enjoy them in every state that you may be in. There are several animal and bird parks located in every state, and there is plenty of reason that you will find the perfect location in each region that you may choose to visit.

Your location does not really matter when it comes to a wildlife safari India. It is what you make of it. With the innumerable options and the ample opportunity that you have before you, there is a whole world waiting to be explored. Take away all that you can from this wild wonderland, fill your senses till you come back for more.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Announcing Wildlife and Safari Tour of a Wildlife Sanctuary

Before Independence, the world perceived India to be a dangerous place full of snakes and crocodiles. Yes, India is a place with diverse varieties of snakes and reptiles but there are other varieties of reptiles as well. India is a land of diverse flora and fauna. Indian Wildlife Tours include visiting of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries and tourists plan safaris in Wildlife Tours India. Wildlife Safari India includes going for a safari tour from one among a hundred national parks or one among four hundred and fifty wildlife sanctuaries. About a percent of total land area of India consists of national parks.

Wildlife Safari India includes trips to some of the world famous national parks. Indian Wildlife Tours are almost incomplete without a trip to Jim Corbett National Park which is located in Uttarakhand. It is the oldest National Park in the country. Tigers are the main attraction. It is also famous for elephants, chital, King Cobra, gharial, sambar , common musk shrew, nilgai, flying fox and many other species of nature. It also gives home to more than six hundred species of bird. 

Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan is very famous in India. It is famous for Royal Bengal Tigers. It also gives shelter to species like Indian Hare, Monitor Lizards, Leopard, Jungle Cat, Chital, Nilgai, Mongoose, Boars, Marsh Crocodile, Sloth Bear, Porcupines, Jackals, wild Boar, Sambar, Blackbucks, Chinkara, Four-horned Antelope and many varieties of bird. Even the Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Gujarat attracts a lot of tourists from abroad as well from other parts of the country. It is world famous for Asiatic lions. It has unique collections of Golden Jackals, Indian Mongoose, Jungle Cats, and Sloth bears, Indian Leopards, Striped Hyenas and Indian Palm Civets. Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarakhand has a Hindu Temple of Kedarnath on its northern border. Tourists from Wildlife Tours India visit this place to see jackals, yellow- throated Marten, Leopard cat, Common leopard, red flying squirrel, Himalayan musk deer, Wild Boar, Himalayan Black bear in their natural habitat. Wildlife Safari India includes Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in the southern part of the country in Kerala.  

India Wildlife Tours include an exciting, adventurous boat trip on the famous Periyar Lake which is located inside this sanctuary. Birds, Amphibians, Fish, Reptiles and Insects add to the beauty of this amazing wildlife sanctuary. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the islands of Bhadra reservoir. Huge number of River Terns and Prantincoles reside in this sanctuary. Other species of bird which live in this sanctuary are Crested Serpant Eagle, White-bellied Sea-eagle, Grey-headed Fish-Eagles, Malabar Pied Hornbills, Scarlet Minivets and the rare Malabar Trogan On the banks of the reservoirs, Marsh Crocodiles are found.  Other animals like tigers, wild dogs, elephants, leopards, monitor Lizards and Malabar Giant squirrels are also found in this sanctuary. Wildlife Tours India is a must for all people who love safaris and the tour is an experience to cherish forever.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Travel to India: Explore its natural splendor

India is one of the most exotic locations in the world. It is truly a land apart, a destination like no other. It is a natural splendor, mysterious, colorful, exciting, enchanting and always memorable. A visit to this wonderful country can change you forever. You will go from here thrilled and satisfied.

There are so many reasons why people come to India. India is a land of great traditions and vast diversity. It offers a lot to the discerning visitor. These include cool beaches, captivating hill stations, magnificent historical monuments, soothing pilgrimage centers, serene backwaters, golden deserts and lively national parks india. It is hugely popular because of its various fairs and festivals that are held in different seasons across India. Tourists also love to explore its untouched natural beauty that cannot be rivaled by any another country. Come, travel to India and explore its pristine beauty.

If you are a first time tourist, you should know that a visit to this mesmerizing country is a changing spectacle of religions, customs, beliefs, festivals, sights and sounds. With a historical backdrop of 5,000 years, India is one land that has great history to tell and enchanting monuments to show to this world. It is an amazing package of culture and legend that never fails to captivate the imagination of each and every tourist. But the most talked about attractions are its endless natural splendors like the mighty Himalayas that straddle the north, the vast Indo Gangetic Plains, lush green tropical jungles teeming with lively wildlife, and a long cool coastline embellished with golden beaches that can tempt anyone to submission. Tour to India as India has so many stunning things for each tourist. You can find affordable India tour packages, English spoken people, good transport, delectable cuisine and most importantly captivating hotspots.

If you love to play in the golden sands, don’t wait, travel to India and get lost in the charm of its glowing beaches. You will be surprised to know that there are so many captivating beaches in Kerala, Goa, Karnataka, Mumbai, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and many more. Goa is known across the globe as ‘beach capital of India’ for its pristine and serene beaches. The lovely palm sized beaches of Goa draw thousands of tourists’ from all parts of the world to India every year. Some of the popular beaches of Goa are Anjuna Beach, Colva Beach, Vagator Beach, Dona Paula Beach, etc. These beaches are among the most preferred hotspots in India. Beaches of Kerala, Mumbai and Puri also hold immense popularity among visitors. If you love to see ripples in rivers surrounded by greenery, come to Kerala. This southern state is located in the lap of nature. It has long and extensive network of backwaters.

The backwater regions are famous for its pristine beauty and it is still unexploited by people. Tourists prefer to visit the famous backwater regions such as Munnar, Kovalam, Alleppey, etc to get drenched in its natural splendor. Houseboat is the best medium if you want to tour in Kerala backwaters. You can also enjoy delectable Kerala cuisine along with scenic beauty. Apart from all the captivating natural beauty of Kerala, another state that has lot to offer to the tourists is the beautiful Rajasthan. Its monumental beauty is phenomenal and it has the aura to weave a magical spell on each tourist.

The forts of this beautiful state easily catch the attention of tourist from every corner of the world. It is one of the most popular tourism destinations in India as it has not only forts, palaces, temples, deserts to show but it also has great culture to showcase. Tour to India and understand the unique culture of this great country. Once in India, you can customize your India tours package which you can buy at affordable prices. You can avail the services of  Travel Agency India or log on to any India tourism site to book your favorite India tour package.

To end with it can be said that India tour package is not only exciting but it also provides pure bliss. Come, travel to India and enjoy mesmerizing locations to your heart’s content.