Monday, August 17, 2009

Bandhavgarh Tales

The Bandhavgarh National Park, in the extreme North Eastern part of Madhya Pradesh; spread across an area of 448 square kilometers was once upon a time a game preserve for the royal family of Rewa. This national park has a rich historical and cultural heritage apart from being well known for its Bengal Tigers and the host of animals like leopards, sambar, gaur etc. The sal and bamboo forests allure the tourists and the special safaris take them into total trance.

Various dynasties like the Sengars, Kalchuris, Mauryans, Vakatakas and Baghels have ruled over this region and they have left their memorable marks on the culture and architecture of this region. There are several Buddhist caves here with inscriptions written in Brahmi language. There are references to this forest in Shiva Purana also.
This place was converted into a national park after the inception of "Project Tiger" and "Wildlife Protection Act" in 1972. Most of the tigers found here are the descendants of Tigresses Sita and Mohini and their companion Charger. The tourists are allowed only in the Tala Range part of the forest while the rest of the forest is the secluded natural abode of the tigers.

The Bandhavgarh wildlife tours is indeed an out of the world experience with its natural beauty and heavenly ambience.

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  2. Bandhagarh National Park is a park with a rich historical past. Prior to becoming a national park, the forests around Bandhavgarh had long been maintained as a Shikargah, or game preserve, of the Maharajas and their guests.

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