Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wildlife Viewing in Bandhavgarh

Indian Tiger Safari would never be complete without visiting the Bandhavgarh National Park located near Rewa, in Madhya Pradesh. Though the core attraction of this natural reserve is the Royal Bengal Tiger, there are many subjects of the king of this forest that need to be seen to appreciate the variety of living beings the nature has created and the beautiful spectrum they present before the eyes that crave to see the greener pastures being totally disillusioned by the mechanical lives. One would be surely filled with freshness and enthusiasm after having a rendezvous with the wildlife here.

The species found in this national park include Tiger, Neelgai, Chaurasingha, Chinkara, Barking Deer, Sambar, Leopard, Black Buck and Deer. The biodiversity of this region is well represented by forests of Bamboo, Sal and Salai trees. The cranes also visit this place from time to time. Several species of butterflies make the Bandhavgarh experience very colorful.

The best way to see the Bandhavgarh national park and appreciate its natural treasures is to hire a jeep or an elephant for a safari. Eagle, Petronia, Myna, Golden Oriole, Black Ibis, Red-necked vultures etc are the wonders of avifauna at Bandhavgarh.

These natural wonders are calling you for a special wildlife tour to the enchanting Bandhavgarh forest….

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  5. Bandhagarh National Park is a park with a rich historical past. Prior to becoming a national park, the forests around Bandhavgarh had long been maintained as a Shikargah, or game preserve, of the Maharajas and their guests.

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