Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tiger and Bird Tours

Tourism in India has attained glorious heights because of the countless wonders that it showcases. In addition to an awe-inspiring culture and heritage, diversity in terms of wildlife happens to be one of the most spoken about aspects of the country. The National Parks and Reserves present a vibrant scenario of the fauna inhabiting them.
A visit to the numerous Parks and Sanctuaries shall be an incomplete affair if the national beast of India is missed out. In light of the above statement, the Ranthambhore National Park in Rajasthan is one of the most coveted destinations to obtain a scintillating view of tigers. While the ferocious beasts set the pulse levels racing, the vivacious birds bring in much needed relief. It is interesting to note that the National park is home to around two hundred and seventy two species of birds which convey an element of zest and color to it.
The topographical set up and optimum climatic conditions prevailing in Indian National Parks make them fit for quality survival of diverse species of birds. The beautiful wings spans and a strategic blend of colors associated with birds is viewable at its very best when the Keoladeo Ghana National Park in Rajasthan is explored. It lodges a whooping three hundred and seventy species of local as well as migrant birds. Passionate bird lovers can look forward to Siberian Cranes, Demoissels and Commons which happen to be rare, but enchanting sights.
Tigers can be easily accessed at zoos, but the excitement associated with noticing the massive beasts from a negligible distance is unparalleled. Thus, a jeep safari to the Bandhavgarh National Park is bound to be an action packed extravaganza as tourists can witness an abundance of freely roaming tigers. In addition to the conventional species, the National Park is also home to the white tigers which happen to be a rage and should not be missed out under any circumstance. In addition to tigers and other terrestrial delights, the avian wonders should not be missed out. Birds such as kingfishers, hawks and lapwings mesmerize ardent visitors with their tender beauty.
Tigers have been under the destructive sight of poachers, but strict vigils and initiatives by the Government bodies have restored viable tiger populations and have also ensured a safe habitat. The Jim Corbett National Park situated in Nainital is significant destination with regard to conservation efforts and breeding programs. Although human intervention has caused irreparable harm to tigers and other animals, yet tourists remain warmly welcomed by the wild and remain unharmed even when they are at slight distances. The forgiving attribute of Mother Nature must be given a deep thought. Generally, the forests contain a strategic blend of various flora and fauna to ensure a balance but certain places like the Sunderbans in West Bengal occupy niche position as one of the most exotic Royal Bengal Tiger destinations.
It must always be remembered that hunting is strictly prohibited in wildlife reserves and is illegal. If you really want to shoot tigers, use your camera. Indian wildlife has triumphantly won over numerous hearts as a consequence of its charm and simply personifies beauty.

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