Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tigers are Elusive, Tiger Safari Tours Offer More

Tiger Safari Tours of India is a sure way to enjoy the wild side of India and her national animal, Tiger, in its true habitat and glory. India is famous not only for its rich culture and heritage, but also for its diverse and unique wildlife along with flora and fauna. With annual influx of over 1 million tourists, India is surely a very preferred destination in the World today.
Tiger is the national animal of India and rightly so. The majestically striped big cat commands an undivided consideration and admiration. A very popular initiative by India, called Project Tiger, is in progress and the scheme is meant to prevent Tigers from extinction in India. 

Currently, there are 27 tiger reserves. There are around 100 national parks in India alone. So you can imagine the richness and diversity in wildlife and flora and fauna of the nation. Ranthambore National Park, Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Jim Corbett National Park and Sunderbans are the most visited wildlife reserves throughout the year.
There is so much of wildlife diversity in all the major tiger reserves in India - from various species of both local and migratory birds to exotic mixture of animals like deer, wild buffaloes, one horned rhino, and many more. Tigers, however, top all of them for their tourist attraction. Rajasthan Wildlife tours also are a great way to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Indian wildlife, especially Tigers. Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan is one such hub for wildlife enthusiasts. There are options for luxury tents and other accommodations to enjoy a fantastic stay at the place.
There are several ways of exploring the wildlife magnificence of a national park. Elephant safaris are one such type. Elephants are in themselves a majestic animal and one that even Tigers grudgingly acknowledge. Trained mahouts’ often guide their elephants in a trail for finding tigers and witnessing them amidst full spectacle of nature. For a more modern tourist, Jeep safaris are also organized. A trained guide accompanies every such expedition to ensure that you do not miss anything while on this unique tiger trail.
It is only in the middle of nature that you may experience a total bliss and witness the sheer awesomeness of its natural gifts. Tents and forest lodges complete this experience and often equipped with all basic and sometime luxurious amenities. Another great way to celebrate is with bonfires at night to share the stories and experiences of a national park. Any national park offers plenty of opportunities for wildlife photography and you are sure to have a few clicks that are simply masterpieces.
Tiger safari tours of India are a wonderful way to explore natural side of India. There are pre-designed trips with detailed itineraries to let you enjoy the splendour of the place. If you wish to have a trip custom made as per your requirements, then there are plenty of experienced and supportive tour managers in India to sketch one up for you. Either way, you are guaranteed an unmatched experience amidst nature and a royal animal as your witness of your memorable India tour.


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